Scurry Game Dev Log – New Game!

New Indie Game project!

Scurry is an HTML5 browser game where you play as a beetle who is running through a grocery store. Run as fast as you can, pull off daring jumps, avoid shoppers, roach motels and other treacherous obstacles! How far will you make it?

Here is what Scurry looked like right after Eric added in my character sprite:
Scurry Game early screentshot

The project is a two-person team effort; Eric Lathrop is doing the code, and I am working the artwork.

We just met up at a coffee shop for our first session and got a lot done, I am very happy with how it is turning out so far.

Here is a shot of the game with some shelf art and grocery store props added:

Scurry early artworkAs of now, Eric has about 12 hours in of Dev time, and I have spent around 6 hours doing the artwork
I have some videos below that show the progress taking Eric’s engine and adding in the art assets I have been creating. Eric is working on generating infinite levels using repeating and randomized artwork, resulting in a new experience for the player each time.

New Game Started!

SO I have started a new game project using Unity and Javascript, I am calling it Path, a part of the word emPATHy  and it is about a girl who can mimic the abilities of any living thing for the purpose of getting though the puzzle-platformer world she apparently exists in.

I started work on the project November 22nd 2013, and  would say I have invested around 30-40 hours into it so far.

Here are some screenshots:

When you hit the A button next to a living thing, you can get an ability from it, like the frog that lets you jump higher/farther.Path-ss4For early obstacles  it will be obvious what creatures to Path, but later the harder puzzles will have to switching and trying things to see what works, and you can only use one ability at a time. Path-ss3 I have been experimenting with AI, raycasting, pathfinding, and procedural/randomization stuff during this project as well, and while none of that is working just yet for me, I am excited to keep trying and improve my game programming skills.Path-ss2