Balloon Chase Vehicle – Dev Log Week 2

3:30pm – 2:45am | +11.25 Hours Dev Time | 19.25 Hours Total Dev Time

9:56 PM – 2:45 AM

  • 2:45 am Calling it a night, will come back to the movement code with fresh eyes another time!
  • around 1 am, we are getting burnt out, not much is working with the movement code.
  • Posted screenshot of the title screen artwork on twitter
  • More working on getting to know Unity
  • Amazing Idea for a level: Moon Level!
  • Worked more on artwork, working on a promo/possibly title screen

7:26 PM – 9:56 PM

  • Dinner was awesome, who said Louisville doesn’t have any authentic Mexican Food?
  • Played some Super Mario World for physics research, (photo) trying to nail down some smooth acceleration and momentum carrying into jumps
  • Worked on some art elements for the first level, trees, mailboxes, fire hydrants, clouds…

6:58 PM – 7:26 PM

  • Made some adjustments to Mono, like dark color scheme: Check that out here
  • Creating a simple movement script in C# for player movement, based on our two-button scheme, go and jump

6:10 PM – 6:58 PM

  • Talked over control scheme for keyboard/controller/touch scenarios
  • Talked about dinner -Mexican!
  • Looking at some tutorial videos, thanks Youtube!

3:30 PM – 6:10 PM

  • We have decided to use Unity for the Balloon Chase Vehicle.
  • Learning about Vectors and UnitVectors from Anthony
  • Thinking about stuff

Balloon Chase Vehicle – Dev Log Week 1

5:00pm – 3:00am | +8 Hours Dev Time | 8 Hours Total Dev Time

So you may or may not have seen on the rbmlb twitter that rbmlb is now 2 people!  Anthony @datGamerDood has joined forces  and we plan to release our first game by the year 20XX!

Last-night was our first game jam night, and it lasted about  8 hours, during that time whiteboards were doodled upon, graphics were drawn, and I believe even  several(approx.) lines of code were written!

We are excited to start our first game which will be titled “Balloon Chase Vehicle” which as of now will run on Win/Mac.
Here are some relevant photos: