jQuery and CSS ‘Wildcard’ element selection

UPDATE 08-26-2013
No need for any quotes on either unless it is a number example [class$=’23’], CSS and jQuery syntax is the same.

Quick Start Guide:
CSS and jQuery ‘WIldcard’ Syntax(‘type’ = class or id):
Starts with: [type^=keyword]  Ends with: [type$=keyword] contains: [type*=keyword]

 Try it yourself on CodePen!

This is a really awesome trick I found that you can do, comes in handy for dynamically incremented IDs :

To get all the elements starting with “awesomeSauce” you should use:


To get those that end with “awesomeSauce”


Also words for classes that start start with “awesomeSauce”  ex: “awesomeSauce123”


Or if you have multiple classes on an object, like ” best awesomeSauce123″ or you want to find an id or class that contains the keyword.


Giving Credit where credit is due:


Balloon Chase Vehicle – Dev Log Week 4

7:30pm – 1:00am | +5.5 Hours Dev Time | 28.75 Hours Total Dev Time


Today was a good day, we got a lot done that we can be proud of. Being new to Unity, it took a while for some things to ‘click,’ and this night a lot of things did.
Starting with a working mock-up I (Alex) created, Anthony was able to jump off from that point and get the engine going. It did take some re-writing, and a lot of adjustments in Unity to get the ‘2.5d that looks like 2d’ working right.

Balloon Chase Vehicle – Dev Log Week 5

7:30pm – 2:30am | +7 Hours Dev Time | 35.75 Hours Total Dev Time


The main focus of this night was getting collisions and jumping working, and we got somewhere. I would by no means call it perfect, but we have a goo starting point for collisions and jumping. and also some weird errors..

Overall a good night and I can see the momentum building now, so we can get going on level design once the engine is basically figured out.