A donut-shooting robot bee boss I created for #GlazingLazers, a little top-down shooter game about pastries I created for the #LetsCookJam last year and have been working on slowly ever since.

The bee puts up honey shields what you must destroy before you can attack it. I have only created the artwork, I still need to add it into the game.

Try the jam version of the game here: http://jams.gamejolt.io/letscookjam/games/glazing-lazers/64688

New version of SplatJS, new logo

Not just any new version, but the first public release of the new Splat which we are calling Splat ECS. ECS stands for Entity Component System , a design the new Splat is based on. The new version is a completely different way of making games so there is a new Github repo, new name, and I designed a new logo for it as well.


Designed with Adobe Illustrator

Scurry Game Dev Log – New Game!

New Indie Game project!

Scurry is an HTML5 browser game where you play as a beetle who is running through a grocery store. Run as fast as you can, pull off daring jumps, avoid shoppers, roach motels and other treacherous obstacles! How far will you make it?

Here is what Scurry looked like right after Eric added in my character sprite:
Scurry Game early screentshot

The project is a two-person team effort; Eric Lathrop is doing the code, and I am working the artwork.

We just met up at a coffee shop for our first session and got a lot done, I am very happy with how it is turning out so far.

Here is a shot of the game with some shelf art and grocery store props added:

Scurry early artworkAs of now, Eric has about 12 hours in of Dev time, and I have spent around 6 hours doing the artwork
I have some videos below that show the progress taking Eric’s engine and adding in the art assets I have been creating. Eric is working on generating infinite levels using repeating and randomized artwork, resulting in a new experience for the player each time.

Balloon Chase Vehicle – Dev Log Week 5

7:30pm – 2:30am | +7 Hours Dev Time | 35.75 Hours Total Dev Time


The main focus of this night was getting collisions and jumping working, and we got somewhere. I would by no means call it perfect, but we have a goo starting point for collisions and jumping. and also some weird errors..

Overall a good night and I can see the momentum building now, so we can get going on level design once the engine is basically figured out.

Squid Game Dev Log/ Learning Unity3D Day 11

Day 11 – 12-10-12
So-far so Good, I have now figured out how to have the player ‘eat’ the caffeine pills and boost the awake meter by 25pts and have the pill object disappear
– Fun stuff, most of the game mechanics are done, as this is a simple game.

  • Movement – Done
  • Collection of items  and positive effects – Done
  • Rock rolling ability – Somewhat Done
  • Enemies and negative effects – Not Started
  • Endpoints, and level switching – Not Started
  • Saving and continuing from where you left off – Not Started
  • Menus – Still needs to be done
  • fix rock dynamics – Needs to be done

I Shot a quick video of a somewhat unrefined version of the first level:

After I recorded the video, I spent some time fixing bugs with the terrain, and sealing off some of the weird visual gaps on the outside borders.
Here are some screenshots from before I went to bed:

Squid Game Dev Log – Learning Unity3D

… I have been reading up on the Indie Games industry, and It seems that the only way to get by making browser-besed games is ads.
I hate ads!
So I looked into making games that would work on Mac or Windows, and found Unity.   Unity is a 3d engine, but there are a few good resources I have foudn that will allow me to create a 2d game using Unity.

I am following a video tutorial now and leanring a lot, it seems like Unity has a lot of flexibility and the Unityscript/Javacript language looks fammiliar to me so that’s a big plus.

I am working on rebuilding the engine for squid game, and trying to get it to look as flat as possible to create a 2d look. I really like the cameras and other things you can use in Unity, really cool stuff!

Heres a snapshot: