Ludum Dare might be an odd title,
heck folks even argue over it’s recital…

But if you get your thrills stretching yourself and learning new skills
this concept should be nothing foreign

With two variations,
the “compo” my persuasion,
I set off on my two day task..

As the rules state:
– Make a game in a weekend,
no help from a mate.
– All original art, code, and sound,
Nothing borrowed or found.

Long nights and stretched days
in a caffeine haze
I worked till my Wacom grew weary.

Keeping things concise and tame
allowed me to finish within the allotted time frame.

The lead in this tale
…whom despite being a snail,
I believe many of us can relate.

A story about how comparison can be dreadful and everything uncertain
– unless you have friends who can pull back your curtain…

Try my game today,
and don’t fear you won’t be able to play…

No past game skills or fast paced thrills, anyone with a computer can play!

Click here to try it:

Louisville Makes Games! gets it’s first press exposure

blog-louisville-business-firstRecently I was contacted by David at Louisville Business First about coming in for an interview about our new project Louisville Makes Games!
David was introduced to Eric and I at the Louisville Mini Maker Faire last month and was interested in what our non-profit is doing and homes to do for the city.

Eric and I met up with David at Business First Louisville’s offices downtown and talked about everything from our day jobs, to Two Scoop Games, and then about Louisville Makes Games! and our plans for Warp Zone, a game dev co-working and education space. We talked about how the directors and members want the space setup Louisville as a beacon for game dev careers and allow for a community highlighted by unique storytelling and diversity.

You can check out the full article here, and be sure to share it as it’s popularity will create incentive to continue covering the game dev scene here in Louisville.
Louisville Makes Games!
Check out the Louisville Makes Games website for more info on Warp Zone and ways to help.