A donut-shooting robot bee boss I created for #GlazingLazers, a little top-down shooter game about pastries I created for the #LetsCookJam last year and have been working on slowly ever since.

The bee puts up honey shields what you must destroy before you can attack it. I have only created the artwork, I still need to add it into the game.

Try the jam version of the game here: http://jams.gamejolt.io/letscookjam/games/glazing-lazers/64688

New version of SplatJS, new logo

Not just any new version, but the first public release of the new Splat which we are calling Splat ECS. ECS stands for Entity Component System , a design the new Splat is based on. The new version is a completely different way of making games so there is a new Github repo, new name, and I designed a new logo for it as well.


Designed with Adobe Illustrator